What Are Escape Rooms?


So What exactly is an Escape room?

Escape Rooms contain a variety of fun, adventurous puzzles and mystery-solving activities centered on a specific theme. Common themes include: Zombies, Kidnapping, Libraries, dungeons, Mad Scientists, and many many more. It is the ideal activity for families, friends, co-workers and tourists to interact and work together as a team. Race against time, find clues, solve puzzles and unravel mysteries in order to escape before time runs out! Can you do it?!

You will be locked in a room with your teammates. Your mind and heart race as you watch your hour countdown. What would you do? The choice is all yours. Guided by relentless focus, we strive to provide a one of a kind escape room experience filled with adventures. Few escape but those that do feel an immense sense of accomplishment. Do you have what it takes to escape one of our four rooms? Find out today by booking online below or giving us a call at 270-240-4216!

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