Kidnapped Part II

Totally wicked! Great fun and great people, can’t wait to go back!
— Jenny Dotson, December 11, 2016

He can't be stopped... or can he? You and your group again find yourselves facing a familiar foe. But this time things have changed. Can you escape the Kidnappers new and improved labyrinth of puzzles and traps while evading his fits of rage? Find out by booking our most intense and largest escape room today!

  • Appropriate for ages 10+
  • Medium to High Scare Factor
  • Completion Rate: 40%
  • Room Sq Ft: 550

      Escape From Space

Had a great double birthday party here! Buried Alive Together for my 14 year old and friend. Nuclear war for 12 year old and 8 friends....such a blast!!!
— Deanna Sanders

You and your crew are stranded on the universe's most expensive Space ship. A devastating explosion has left your science vessel stranded in deep space. Can you Escape your hot, galactic grave by restoring power, charting your navigation system, and escape home in time? Find out in Escape From Space! Warning*** This room is close to the sun. It is our only room with environmental factors! Expect hotter than normal temperatures!

  • Appropriate for ages 6+
  • No Scare Factor
  • Completion Rate: 29%
  • Room Sq Ft: 575

Escape the Titanic

Two of my friends and myself did the Pyramid escape last night. We had a great time even though we didn’t win. I look forward to purchasing another escape game in the future. I would highly recommend this as an interesting and unique night of fun.
— Tanya Burdette

All aboard the HMS Titanic! Things are going great about three days into your journey aboard the world's most anticipated Ocean Liner. Unfortunately you are your ragtag group are thrown in the brig for sneaking into first class! As soon as you reach the brig you hear a loud thud and immediately know something terrible has happened. Can you Escape? Find out in our Special Titanic Escape Room!

  • Appropriate for ages 6+ 
  • No Scare Factor
  • Completion Rate: 36%
  • Room Sq Ft: 550




More to come!

My husband and I just did the buried alive room and it was SO FUN! Definitely recommend and we will be back! Thanks for the awesome experience!
— Morgan Brooke Childers

Want to see a new room? Send us a suggestion -- We're always looking for the best new ideas to model around! Right now our next themes in the hopper are:

  • The Titanic
  • Prison Break
  • Train Heist
  • Harry Potter (Legality Pending)